Reduce production costs

  • 20%-25% lower electricity bills

    Because of the lower process temperatures, soldering with LMPA-Q will reduce electricity consumption in between 20%-25% compared to Sn(Ag)Cu alloys.



    22% less electricity

  • 95% less wasted alloys

    Due to its low oxidation behavior LMPA-Q will produce 95% less dross in wave soldering without nitrogen compared to Sn(Ag)Cu.



    95% less waste

  • Soldering without nitrogen

    Nitrogen is often used for cooling, to prevent boards and components from overheating. With LMPA-Q you will no longer need nitrogen during wave and reflow soldering.



    No nitrogen

  • Lower alloy cost

    LMPA-Q does not contain silver (Ag). This can significantly lower the alloy cost up to 40%.



    40% cheaper alloy

  • Higher first pass yields

    Soldering with the LMPA-Q alloy can substantially increase first pass yields, especially on electronic units with heavy thermal mass.

    Reduce repair costs

  • Eliminate heat-related failures

    The lower soldering temperatures of the LMPA-Q alloy will virtually eliminate heat-related board and component failures and allow the use of lower cost materials

    Reduce material cost

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