What are LMPA?


LMPA is short for Low Melting Point Alloys. These alloys allow you to use soldering temperatures that are considerably lower than for the traditional lead-free Sn(Ag)Cu (SAC) alloys.


LMPA-Q is an enhanced LMPA with superior mechanical properties. It's without exception the best alloy we have developed so far. The benefits are numerous.

What LMPA-Q will allow you to do

For all soldering processes

LMPA-Q can be used for all soldering processes:

wave soldering icon

Wave soldering

LMPA-Q: 200°C - 230°C

Sn(Ag)Cu: 260°C - 280°C

selective soldering icon

Selective soldering

LMPA-Q: 200°C - 250°C

Sn(Ag)Cu: 270°C - 320°C

reflow soldering icon

Reflow soldering

LMPA-Q: 190°C - 220°C

Sn(Ag)Cu: 235°C - 250°C

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